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Here is what parents had to say...
“Hi there, we saw your lovely kitty toothbrush in our local Tesco
and thought we'd give you a try and wow, your product is
amazing! Our 4 year old daughter is currently obsessed with
cats so great choice of character by the way! Thank you so
much, we look forward to purchasing your fab brushes in future :)”
Melody — United Kingdom
“This is our 3rd purchase of the flashing toothbrushes, our kids
love them and makes teeth cleaning a pleasure rather than a
chore. They also make great gifts too as they've been a real hit
when we've given them to friends.”
Steven — Bristol, United Kingdom
“I bought the flashing toothbrushes for my son 2 and a half and
my daughter who is 1. They both love them and it makes
brushing teeth fun rather than a chore. Love these products!”
Fiona — Tipperary, Ireland
“I bought these for my toddler who had decided he no longer
wanted to brush his teeth. The flashing light and animal
designs have meant the morning battle to brush his teeth are
over and he is actually keen to do them so he can press the
Emma — Bromham, United Kingdom
“I am very happy with my monkey toothbrush for my god
daughter. Will get her another one in a few months. This one
is for her X-mas!”
Elaine — Bannockburn, United Kingdom
“I work as a dental nurse so first came across your flashing
toothbrushes at the Dental showcase in Birmingham. I have a
3 year old who doesn't really like having his teeth brushed so
when I saw them I thought I would give them a try. I was
delighted with the result, my son now enjoys brushing his
teeth he loves the fact that it flashes and I find the timer very
useful. I have purchased lots more for my friends children's
stocking fillers for Christmas.”
Rebecca — Kenilworth, United Kingdom
“Just received our flashing toothbrushes. A great hit with my 4
year old and 2 year old. They now ask to brush their teeth and
it's great as it's timed so they know exactly when there done.
Best toothbrush out there without a doubt! Thanks for the
prompt service.”
Siobhan — Limerick, Ireland
“Bought this toothbrush for my granddaughter who doesn't like
brushing her teeth. NOW she loves going to the bathroom to get
her brush. What a fantastic idea for young children.”
Beverly — Llianelli, United Kingdom
“Great toothbrushes! The kids actually brush for longer than 10
seconds now! Thank you!”
Victoria — Wickham, United Kingdom
“The flashing toothbrushes were great, were exactly as the
website showed and my kids lovely them. I especially like the
lights at the end as it lets them know when they can stop
brushing. Would recommend them to anyone.”
Julie — Glasgow, United Kingdom
“I have triplets and so any expense multiplies easily into
"EXPENSIVE"! I was delighted to find these on the web, they
are less expensive and more fun than anything I can find locally,
in Italy. The boys were very happy with them and..what can I
say, they do their job, too. I don't know what will happen if one
battery dies before the others, as far as I can tell the battery
can't be changed, correct? But hopefully they will all work until
the natural end of the bristles! Thanks for a fun product and fast
Elizia — Pisa, Italy
“These toothbrushes are great fun. The children love brushing
their teeth with them and have a game to see how many
times they can get round their mouths before the lights stop :)
Great for consistent brushing and the bristles are nice and
soft too.”
Catherine — Coates, United Kingdom